How do I submit a replacement order?

There's two ways to submit a replacement order:

  • Placing the order through the online gallery as the customer
  • Placing the order in the Subject tab using the POS system in Blueprint*
    *Smart Workflow feature

You'll need to create a 100% off order discount code to "zero out" the total at checkout using either method. We recommend creating a code reserved for internal testing within the Studio.

Be sure to temporarily remove any minimum order amount limits you might have set in your job's shopping cart template!

Before you begin...

Do you need to replace the order because it was the incorrect item?

Consider making any necessary changes to your Price Sheet before you begin 🤔

Do you need to zero out the order, but your discount code doesn't affect shipping?
Consider swapping the shopping cart template attached with one that has a $0 ship charge.

Do you have a minimum order amount that's needed before completing checkout?

Consider swapping the shopping cart template attached with one that has a $0 minimum order amount to avoid any potential checkout issues.

After accessing the subject's online gallery, add the necessary items to the customer's cart and use your internal discount code to proceed with checkout:

Submitting a replacement order using Point-of-Sale system*:

After selecting the subject inside the job, use the toggle at the top to switch from Info to Orders. In the Orders view, click on either Add Pre Order or Add Full Order and begin adding items to your cart:

Add Pre-Order: Add an order for products without selecting images

Add Full-Order: Add an order for products with selected images

Apply your internal discount code and sync to "save" the order:

* Point-of-Sale system available for Smart Workflow members only.

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