📚 Before you begin...

Do you need to create a discount code to "zero-out" the order?

  • Consider making a discount code for internal use to set the order total to $0.

Do you need to replace the order because it was the incorrect item?

  • Consider making any necessary changes to your price sheet before you begin.

Do you have a minimum order amount that's needed before completing checkout?

  • Consider swapping the shopping cart template attached with one that has a $0 minimum order amount to avoid any potential checkout issues.

How do I submit a replacement order?

There's two ways to submit a replacement order:



Using the online gallery

Using the Point-of-Sale system with Smart Workflow

  1. Open the subject's gallery in a web browser.

  2. Complete your shopping cart.

  3. Use your internal discount code to complete checkout.

Using the Point-of-Sale system with Smart Workflow:

  1. Open the subject's record in a job

  2. Click on the Orders toggle to view order information

  3. Select Order Type to add (if applicable);
    - Add Pre-Order: Add an order for products without selecting images.
    - Add Full-Order: Add an order for products with selected images.

4. Complete your shopping cart.

5. Use your discount code to complete checkout; sync to "submit" the order:

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