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Creating orders for multiple subjects
Creating orders for multiple subjects

Learn how create an order for many or all subjects in Blueprint

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What is Bulk Add Orders?

Bulk Add Order lets you easily place an order multiple times for a filtered list of subjects or every subject in your Job.

How do I Bulk Add Orders?

From the job orders tab, select Tools > Bulk Add Orders:

2a. Create an order for every subject or a filtered list.

You can add orders for every subject or a filtered list of subjects in your Job. When choosing subjects, you can create a filtered list using a combination of:

  • Conditionals for Images and Orders

  • Conditionals for Subject Data you've already collected

Click on the Next button to continue the order.

2b. Add items to order

Add items to your order from your Price Sheet by selecting the product tile. Once an item has been added to the cart, the current quantity will be displayed in the top-left of the tile. Click on the X in the top-right of the product tile to remove an instance from the cart.

Click on your current subtotal to review what's been added to your cart:

NOTE: This view shows your items set as "hidden" on your Price Sheet.

2c. Add shipping and billing information

Enter shipping and billing information and apply any discount codes (if applicable):

2d. Review and finalize orders

Review the summary of the order. Use the Edit button to jump back and make changes to the associated step quickly. Click on Show Details to expand/hide the step details.

If everything looks good, click on Create Orders. As a final precaution, you'll be prompted to type CREATE in the confirm box and submit to finalize your orders.

After submitting the confirmation, you'll be returned to the orders table with your newly created orders.

2e. Release orders

Bulk Add Orders won't assign images to your orders unless the design or item ordered was already configured on your price sheet to do so. Once images have been assigned to an order, it will be ready to be released to the lab.

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