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Getting Started with Blueprint
Getting Started with Blueprint Preferences
Getting Started with Blueprint Preferences

Learn how to configure the general settings of Blueprint

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Opening Preferences

From the homepage, click Name @ Studio in the top-right corner and select Preferences.

Managing Preferences

Here's a quick run-down covering the different sections available in Blueprint Preferences:

My Studio

Add details about your studio (like Address, Contact Info, Website, etc.) into Blueprint. The information will be referenced throughout the system and can be customer-facing, so be sure to keep it up to date!



Studio Name

  • The name of the studio.


  • The address of the studio.

Main Contact

  • The main contact information customers should use to reach out for assistance.

Order Emails

  • The email address your customer's receipts should be sent from.

  • This will also send a carbon copy receipt of each order to the email address used.

Studio Website

  • The website URL of the studio


You can review your membership details (like rates and membership expiration) at any time. You can also renew your ImageQuix Membership or view contact information for the Product Support Team.

Don't forget to give them your Membership ID if you need support (circled below):

Roles & Permissions

Create and manage roles to fine-tune what features and data users have access to and secure your data from unneeded access. From Assistant Studio Manager to Quality Assurance, you can create and mix roles for just about anything!

You can learn more about creating roles here:


There's no additional charge for adding users. It's a best practice to give everyone their own account. Any user you create can have their role(s) assigned to them here. You can also limit their access to specific Jobs or update passwords.

You can learn more about adding users here:


This is where you can access (or set up) your integrated Stripe account to view the studio's financial information. You can also trigger an Instant Payout on any pending transfers (for an additional fee) and update your Statement Descriptor (the name that appears on customer's bank statements)



My Connect Account

  • Click View account to open your Stripe Express Dashboard and review payout information.

Current Balance

  • View the current balance of your Stripe wallet in Blueprint.

  • Initiate Instant Payout (For US Customers with a debt-linked card only)

Statement Descriptor

  • Set how your studio name should appear on customer's bank statements.

Shopping Cart

Here is where you can customize specific account-level options for your Online Shopping Cart. You can add your Studio's logo as well as enable your Studio contact information to display for the customer to see. Be sure to add your Studio's Gallery Link (the URL circled below) to your website for customers to easily access their pictures from your website!

Additional Settings in Preferences

Smart Tag*

⚠️ All settings configured via Smart Tag will be applied to ALL jobs. These are local changes, meaning each device in use will need to be configured separately.

* Tethered workflow is a Smart Workflow add-on




  • Set behavior for automatic head sizing and aspect ratio for Subject Jobs.

  • Set behavior for automatic aspect ratio for Standard Jobs.

  • All automatic edits applied are non-destructive.

Primary Image Selection

  • Set behavior to "Star" either the First or Last Image taken per subject.

Barcode Scan Field

  • Specify which subject data field Blueprint should search and compare data collected from a barcode-scanned camera slate card.

Subject Data Preview

  • Choose up to 2 data fields that should appear in the Subject List while in a job.

  • Choose up to 5 data fields that Photographers should have access for reviewing/capturing information during a photo shoot.

Camera Hot Folder

  • Set a camera hot folder that Blueprint should monitor for new images added.

  • Allow Blueprint to watch the set folder for new images to be automatically added into the job.

Head Size Guidelines

  • Adjust the appearance of the head size guideline that appears in Blueprint.

  • Can customize the guidelines for each aspect ratio.


Set a printer hot folder to have Blueprint output rendered designs to a destination where supported printer models automatically print every new image added. You can also set Blueprint to direct print to a specific printer.

⚠️ If no printer hot folder is set - even if Print to Device is enabled - Blueprint will prompt for a device selection or to print as PDF/JPG.

Subject & Image Filters

Rename or delete any subject & image filters saved on the device. You can save subject & image filters while applying the filter in a job.


Link your PhotoLynx PLIC account to Blueprint for an integrated workflow. You can learn more from our article collection here:


This section has some helpful tools for troubleshooting the app:




  • Select Download Logs to download a .zip folder to your desktop.

  • Select Send Logs to upload a .zip folder direction to the Blueprint Product Team.

Reset Table Column Widths

  • Reset the column widths of all tables throughout Blueprint to their default value.

Offline Job Storage

  • Clears the saved offline job data after the set time has passed from when you last used a job.

  • Only applies to jobs with no activity or local changes after a user-defined time period.

  • Recommend setting low for Customer Service teams on Phone Support jumping between multiple jobs all day.

Offline Print Template Storage

  • Clear Blueprint's print template cache to force a download of the latest versions of your My Designs when opening a Job.

Available Versions

  • Take advantage of the ability to access new features and enhancements that our dev team releases via our Latest Versions channel

  • Have the ability to quickly switch back to our stable version of Blueprint, the Fall Seasonal Release if needed

  • This is a local change that will only update the device the selected version is installed on

⚠️We recommend staying on the Fall Seasonal unless necessary to switch to the Latest Versions for applicable reasons. Contact our Support Team for further direction on installing the best version for your needs.

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