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  1. Opening Blueprint Preferences

  2. Getting Started with Blueprint Preferences

    1. My Studio

    2. Membership

    3. Roles & Permissions

    4. Users

    5. Shopping Cart

  3. Additional Settings in Preferences

    1. Smart Tag*

    2. Printing

    3. Integrations

    4. Advanced

Opening Blueprint Preferences:

Click on "Your Name @ Studio Name" on the title bar at the top and select Preferences to open Blueprint Settings:

Getting Started with Blueprint Preferences

Here's a quick run-down covering the different sections in preferences:

My Studio

Enter in your studio's contact information* such as Studio Name, Address, Customer Main Contact and your Studio's Website. You can also set the email address your order invoices will come from.

👨‍🏫 This info is used throughout the system so be sure to keep it up-to-date!


Here's where you can review your membership details at any time; like your rates and membership expiration. You can also renew your ImageQuix membership or view contact information for the Product Support Team.

👨‍🏫 Don't forget to give them your Membership ID (circled below).

Roles & Permissions

Create and manage roles here to fine-tune what features and data your users have access to and secure the data they don't need. From Assistant Studio Manager to Quality Assurance, you can create a role for just about anything!

You can learn more about creating roles here:


There's no additional charge for adding users. It's a best practice to give everyone their own account. Any user you create can have their role(s) assigned to them here. You can also limit their access to specific Jobs or update passwords.

You can learn more about adding users here:

Payout Options

Control the payout settings of your ImageQuix account to your bank. You'll see different options depending on if you're setup with our legacy payout processor (PhotoCheckout; default) or with our Stripe Integration (Recommended)

Payment Processor


PhotoCheckOut (Default)

Choose your payout frequency and set the minimum amount needed to reach before your net revenue is deposited into your bank account.

Don't forget to fill out and turn in a Direct Deposit Form!

Stripe (New! Recommended)

You can open your studio's integrated Stripe account to view payouts and update banking information.

U.S. Customers can also trigger an Instant Payout to immediately deposit available funds.

Shopping Cart

Here is where you can customize specific account-level options for your Online Shopping Cart. You can add your Studio's logo as well as disable basic image editing from the customer. Be sure to add your Studio's Gallery Link (the URL circled below) to your website for customers to easily access their pictures from your website!

Additional Settings in Preferences

Smart Tag*

Here is where you can customize how Blueprint should add images to your job from your hot folder when doing a tethered shoot.* You can also configure Blueprint to apply an automatic aspect ratio to each image added to a job from this device.**

* Tethered workflow is a Smart Workflow add-on

** Automatic aspect ratio is on and set to 8x10 crop on all devices by default


Specify a printer hot folder to have applicable printer models automatically print as new images are added to the folder. Useful for printing ID cards, Order Forms, Proof Sheets, etc.


Link your PhotoLynx Plic account to Blueprint for an integrated workflow. You can learn more from our article collection here:


This section has some helpful tools for troubleshooting the app:



Download Logs

Downloads a .zip folder of Blueprint application data to your desktop; Useful for:

  • Bug reporting

  • Smart Tag (tethered) data repair

Reset Table Column Widths

Reset all table columns widths throughout Blueprint back to their default value.

Clear Print Template Cache

Is your device printing an old print template design while offline?

Clear your print template cache to force a download the latest versions when opening a Job.

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