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Getting Started with Users, Roles & Permissions
Getting Started with Users, Roles & Permissions

Learn how to create and maintain unique user accounts with custom roles and permission sets to use with Blueprint

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Creating User Accounts

There's no additional charge for creating user accounts.

Create user accounts for each person that needs access to Blueprint. Combined with defined Roles & Permissions, a studio can manage access for sensitive areas like:

  • Job access

    • Subject data & images

    • Import/Export tools

    • Order information

    • Add/Delete options

  • Studio financials

    • Order information

    • Payouts

    • Refunds

    • Discount codes

    • Price Sheets

Some studios even create service accounts for schools that have limited access to:

  • Only view jobs + data relevant to the user

  • Only have access relevant to the user

    • Add subjects to the job for new students

    • Add images to subjects

    • Print ID card template attached to job

  • Restrict access all other tools and features in Blueprint

How to create a new user account

Open Preferences > Users and select + New User:

Adding someone who already uses Blueprint? Select Add Existing User to link their user to your studio. Deleting the user account will "unlink" the user from your studio.

You'll can add the following information:

  • Username*

  • First name*

  • Last name*

  • Email*

  • Password*

    • (At least 6 characters, including a capital letter and number)

  • ❗At least one role must be added to a user account before successful login

  • Job access

    • All jobs

    • Specific jobs

The user will receive an email invite to the address entered.

Editing existing user accounts

Users with appropriate permissions can only modify other user's roles or job access. The currently signed in user is able to update their:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

  • Change Password

  • Role

  • Job Access

If the current user lacks appropriate permissions, they can change their password. That user can also use the Forgot Password link on the Blueprint login screen.

Creating Roles

Roles let studios define a set of permissions that should be tied to a specific workflow (or task) in your studio. Creating roles can be a little tricky for studios to "draw the line" on specific items, but keep in mind that you can attach multiple roles to one user - perfect for those that wear many hats.

❗We recommend starting a chat or book a meeting to talk more about this feature

Creating a role

1. Open Blueprint Preferences > Roles & Permissions and click Add Role:

2. Give the role a unique name and review all permissions in your available groups:

Click Create in the bottom-corner to save the role.

Applying a role to a user

Open Blueprint Preferences > Users and open the user you want to modify roles for:

You can add or remove roles for the user as long as you have appropriate permissions (under Admin > User Management > Add/Edit/Delete)

Managing roles

You can also duplicate or delete an existing role by first selecting the checkbox next to the role name and using the buttons in the top-right:

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