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Lab Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How does a studio connect to my lab

    If it is a new studio to ImageQuix then they will select the lab when they sign up

    If it is a current studio using ImageQuix then they will contact IQ support and ask to be connected to the lab

  2. How do I enter the Lab Account ID into Blueprint?

    The lab account ID (Customer Billing ID) can be entered in the Customers section in Blueprint.

    In that section, you will see a list of customers. Select the checkbox next to the customer you want to update then select Edit Account ID

  3. How do I prevent studios from placing orders prior to being set up?

    When a studio is connected to the lab they will have instant access to any public catalog. This means that if the catalog is set to "everyone" under permissions then it will be available immediately after connecting.

    Now if the studio does not contact the lab prior to collecting orders this could lead to orders coming to the lab without the Lab Account ID

    To prevent this the best course of action is to set all your catalogs to "selected studios". Then create a catalog that contains one product that states "Contact the Studio to get connected"


  1. How do I get started creating products?

  2. How do I set up a catalog for a specific

  3. What is the difference between Product, Order, and Image options

    Image Options are options that will take place on the image files ordered. No matter how many products are ordered if they contain that image then the retouched image will wind up on those products.

    Product options are options that can be added to prints to offer additional options to the customer. These options will not change anything on the order but will provide information to process the order.

    Order options are options that can be placed on the entire order. These options do not do anything in particular to the order but they can provide some more information to the lab regarding a specific order. The main use case for this is to offer different shipping options to the studios (ie. Standard shipping, overnight shipping, etc).

Print Services

  1. What should I do if I do not receive a customer's order?

    If a customer contacts the lab and says they never received the order they sent over it is likely due to:

    1. An image service that has not been completed

    2. The Price Sheet was set up incorrectly and the order was not directed correctly to the lab (either sent to a different lab or was set up as a my design product).

  2. What should I do if orders fail to print

    If an order gets sent to "processing" and does not print then there is likely an issue with the order, such as a missing image or the order has not been fully processed. Contact support ( and include the order that is failing to process and we will review the issue.

  3. Why can't I print this Bulk order?

    If you receive a bulk order that does not print there are 2 possible reasons

    1. The bulk is too large

      1. We don't have a specific size limit for bulk orders but as you get over 1100 orders in one bulk those may need to be split by the studio into 2 separate bulks

    2. One of the orders in the bulk has not fully processed

    You, the lab, will not be able to tell specifically what the issue is, so if you do run into an issue printing the bulk please reach out to support and we can work on a solution.

  4. Why is the bulk not sorted?

    The likely cause for this is the studio did not set the sort in the job settings. It is also possible the studio removed the bulk option before releasing the order to the lab.

    To fix this you would need to reset the bulk to the studio and they will have to select the sort they want and then re-release it to the lab.

  5. Is it possible to bulk direct ship orders?

    No. To bulk orders through Blueprint they need to be marked for Pick up

Image Services

  1. Why is there a red lock next to the service

    This means that the service is locked from editing. This will occur if the studio sets a separate my service image fulfillment along with the lab portion and they have downloaded the image already.

    This will be removed once the studio completes its portion of the image service.

  2. Why can’t I download the image?

    There are a couple of reasons why this may happen

    1. The service is locked (see above)

    2. The studio has deleted the original image so Blueprint can no longer locate the image file

    If the studio has deleted the image they will need to replace it and then contact ImageQuix support and we will re-sync the image

  3. How do images get replaced in the gallery?

    To get the retouched file back into the gallery (to replace the original image), the studio will need to make sure to check the option to "Edit Add Image Back to Job" when adding the option to the price sheet

  4. How do I revert the services?

    There may be times after you complete the image service that you may need to redo it, for example, you added the image back and then realized there was a blemish that was missed.

    What you would do in this case is revert the image service back to an incomplete state. To do this:

    1. Under Image Services filter for completed services

    2. Select the order (service) that needs to be redone

    3. Once you select the check box a quick menu will show up

    4. Select Revert Image

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