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Automatically Add Retouched & Other Serviced Images Back to the Job
Automatically Add Retouched & Other Serviced Images Back to the Job

Learn how to configure an image option to route a serviced image back into the job as a versioned copy during order fulfillment.

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How do I get retouched/serviced images back into my job?

Setup your price sheet's services to return the image back into the job

Inside a price sheet, select an image option and turn on Edit Add Image Back To Job:

What happens after the image service is completed?

The serviced image will be attached to the order for fulfillment and will appear as a versioned image of the original in your job.

The versioned image will also be on "top of the stack" - meaning the customer can view and reorder the new image immediately. The new image will carry over all of the attributes, such as Primary/Yearbook 1/Yearbook 2, and will be automatically ready for your exports.

How can I view the images?

Smart Workflow members can filter images with image versions, and click on the picture icon to view different versions:

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Important information on using this feature

The job could be momentarily locked from editing while we add images back in

Your job could be momentarily locked from syncing while serviced images are added back to the job. A message preventing you from syncing changes may appear until we finish routing images back to the job

This is a small, momentary lock that a user has a small chance of encountering.

The lock will be removed once we've finished adding a serviced image to the job.

A retouched image versioned back to the job might have a destructive crop

When images are cropped before ordering, we apply a non-destructive crop to the image for the customer to view and order - preserving the original's sizing. We'll also adjust the sizing of the image to ensure the best fit on the print product ordered.

When that image is ordered, we send the ordered image with a hard crop to the servicer and lab for fulfillment. The serviced image returned to the job could be of smaller size compared to the original.

You always have access to the original images - but keep in mind there could be some image dimension disparities for service item exports like PSPA, PowerSchool, etc.

Don't hesitate to start chatting with ImageQuix Product Support if you need assistance πŸ‘‰

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