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Blueprint orders in and Flow
Blueprint orders in and Flow

View your Blueprint orders in PLIC.IO, PLIC Elements Reports, and Flow.

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This article will cover the process of importing your Blueprint orders into and Flow.

First, you need to contact Photolynx support and ask them to enable your "PLIC ImageQuix order sync".

Once this is enabled, all future orders placed in Blueprint will show up in Past orders will not be here, only your orders placed in Blueprint after enabling the sync will show in

When, viewing the list of orders, click on an order number to see more details.

Now, If you go to PLIC Elements, you can create a report of your orders. Reports can be downloaded as pdf or csv. You can find more information about how to create and edit reports in PLIC Elements here.

You can download these orders into your Flow project. Open your project in Flow, Click on the PLIC icon, then select the "Online Gallery Order Tab". Then Click on "Check For Online Orders Now"... Your Blueprint orders for this project will import into Flow.

And.... That's It. Contact Photolynx support if you have any questions.

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