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Getting Started with Discount Codes

Learn how to create and manage your studio discount codes in Blueprint

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Getting Started with Discount Codes

How do I view/manage Discount Codes?

You can view/manage your discount codes from the Shopping Cart tab in Blueprint. Once you click on Shopping Cart, click on Create Discount Codes on the far right.

You'll see a table that shows all Discount Codes created for your Studio. Click on the green +New button to create a new code.

Choosing the right Discount Code Type

The three different types of Discount Codes that can be created are:

Discount Code Type


Recommended Use


Redeemable on any active Job or specified Job Types.

Useful for when the code should work across any job or set job type.

Job Specific

Can only be redeemable on a specified Job.

Useful for limited promotions on specific subjects/jobs.

Based-on Order

Attach products/services on your price sheet. After purchase, a new code is attached to the subject gallery to use on the next purchase.

Useful for rebates of deposits on non-tangible items like Session Fees or enticing subjects to place another order.

Each code can contain up to a maximum of 15 characters and is case-sensitive.

Discount Code Attributes Table

The additional settings available for Discount Codes are defined below. Use this table to help customize each code to fit your specific needs:



Edit Number of Uses Allowed

Set how many times the code can be used. You can choose between:

  • Single-Use

  • Unlimited

Edit Minimum Order Amount

Set the minimum order dollar amount needed in the customer's cart before the code can be redeemed.

Edit Discount Code Amount

Set the amount the code will take off the order total. You can set the value type between:

  • Percentage Off

  • Dollar Amount Off

Edit Applied To

Set which products/services the code can apply to. You can choose between:

  1. Order - Choose any mix of a, b, c

    1. All Products & Add-ons

    2. Shipping

    3. Handling

  2. Specific Product(s)

    1. Choose items from your price sheet(s) the code should be redeemed for (Packages, A la carte items, etc.)

Edit Expiration Date

Set the expiration date for the code.

When set: At midnight EST of the date set, the code will no longer be valid for customer use.

Creating Discount Codes

Batch Creating Discount Codes

You can create multiple, unique Global or Job-Specific discount codes in Blueprint. Under Number of Discount Codes, enter the number of codes desired. You can set custom text (up to 8 characters) to add before or after the randomly generated code.

Creating and Using Based-on Order Discount Codes

A discount code Based-on Order is a type of discount code that is given to a subject automatically after a qualifying purchase has been made. The code can then be applied automatically to their next order.

You can use two different configurations Based-on Order discount codes:



Enter Code

Enter text to create the code as desired.

Auto-Generate Code (Random)

Use a random code generated by Blueprint

Auto-Generate Code (Configure)

Use specified subject data of your choosing or a combination of subject data with specific text appearing before or after the defined subject data.

Auto-Populate On Next Order

Have the discount auto-populate and apply on the customer’s next order.

If this isn’t checked, the customer will still see a list of all available codes during check-out.

How do I use my Discount Code Based-on Order?

After creating the discount code, you'll need to attach it to an item on your price sheet for the customer to purchase. Once the purchase has been made, a code is automatically generated and attached to the subject gallery for use on the next order.

How do I attach a Based-on Order discount code to a Price Sheet?

Open a price sheet and select an item to customize it. Attaching the discount code to your selected item is essentially the same as defining the qualifying purchase a customer needs to make to receive a discount on their next purchase.

Be sure to sync and save your changes!

How can I see if a subject has/used a Based-on Order Discount Code?

A newly created Discount section will appear in Subject Data for the subject that has made a qualifying purchase. A button to expire the code and prevent it from being used is also available.

What does the client see at check-out?

During the Payment section at check-out, the customer will see their available discount codes before placing their order. Having auto-populate on next order enabled will have the discount code already applied to their order.

If a subject has more than one auto-applied discount code assigned to them, the cart will automatically apply the code that provides the best value for the customer.

Applying a discount code to the whole order or a specific product

Apply Discount to the Order

An Order Specific Discount Code is applicable for the whole order. You can specify if you want the discount code applied to All Orders & Add-ons, Shipping, and Handling. Customers can redeem the code before checkout once they are ready to check out.

Apply Discount to a Specific Product

A Product Specific Discount Code is applicable for specific items you specify from your price sheets. Customers can redeem the code before checkout once they have the specified item in their cart.

How do I create a product-based discount code?

When creating a discount code, change the Edit Applied To from Order (default) to Specific Product(s):

Use the drop-down to choose from your active price sheets. You select multiple items from multiple price sheets for the discount code:

How do I tell what items the code will work for?

Blueprint will show a list of price sheets and discount codes that the code is set up to work with. Click on the price sheet to see the itemized list:

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