As a vertical studio, you see the option to build designs on both the studio portion of Blueprint and the Lab portion.

If you want to create multi-node print products, create those on the lab account of Blueprint and create a single node item on the studio side, and then direct to the multi-node product.

Creating the Multi-node Product (Lab side)

In Blueprint lab, go to Catalogs and open the Catalog you want to work on.

Now, you will want to go to Products and you can either choose to add a category or continue with the categories that are already there.

Next select 'Add Product' and choose to add a Print.

Now, enter your product information, remembering the width and height will be the size of the sheet, not the image nodes. So, in this example, we are creating 3-4x6s to print on an 8x10 sheet.

Click Design.

Select the + icon next to Images.

Set the size of the Image node.

Position the node then repeat to fill out the other image nodes.

The end product should look like this. If you want to set the background color you can also choose to change the background so instead of a transparent background the background can be whatever you set (in this case I set a white background).

Creating single node Product (Studio side)

Now that you've created the Multi-Node print on the lab side we need to connect it to your price sheet. Before we can do this we will want to create a single node print that will then direct to the lab print

If you need instructions on creating designs out for the studio you can click on this link:

One thing to note when creating the design is you will be creating at the image print size. So for the example provided (3 -4x6) you would create the design on the studio side with a width of 4 and a height of 6.

Adding your design to the Price Sheet

Now that you have your designs created we need to add those to the price sheet. To do this go to My Products and select the studio design for that product.

Once that is added to the Price Sheet you will now want to go to the product menu and choose Fulfillment. You will now select your lab then select the created design

The end product will look something like this on the price sheet.

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