What can I do in the My Designs tab?

The My Designs tab is used to create Prints, Products (non-print items), Proof Sheets, or Collections (albums) to add to your studio's product catalog. Using our Print Designer, you can build your own unique designs combined with dynamically mapped subject data from your Jobs.

Click on the My Designs tab to get started.


Managing your catalog in My Designs

You'll see your catalog on the left side of the screen - along with the option to switch between Products, Options, and Backgrounds. Use the + Add Category button to add a new category folder to your catalog or + Add Product button to add a new product to your currently selected category folder. 

Pro Tip: Create multiple categories to organize your creations by design type, like ID Cards, School, Sports, Memory Mates, etc.

After adding a new Print Product, you'll need to specify the size (Width and Length) before you can click the green Sync button to save it. Other editable attributes are Name, Catalog Price, Display Image, Print Rotation, and more. 


Building a custom design

Click on Design to start designing the product you've selected from your catalog.

The Print Designer is a photoshop-esque tool that can pull in Subject Data from your Jobs. There are four different layers you can utilize when making your design. Starting from the top-most layer, they are:

  • Text

  • Foreground

  • Image

  • Background

Click on the green plus button to add as many nodes to that layer as needed to create the perfect design. You can manipulate the node on the canvas in the middle to size and place it exactly as needed.

You can edit the attributes of each node on the right-side of the screen. Each type of node has a unique set of customizable attributes for you to make rich print designs.

Be sure to click the Sync button when you're finished creating your design to save your changes. The final product will automatically render as a single image sent out for fulfillment pulling in your dynamically set Subject Data when ordered. 

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