We go over the DP2 integration in the preferences


But once this is good to go you will still need to set your DP2 options within the products so we can match the layout files into DP2.

When you create a new print in the lab you will see an option to edit the layout file name. This is the layout file created in DP2 that you want to match in Blueprint. So for example an 8x10 may have a layout of 8x10.txt which is what you want to enter into this field.

There is also an option to build in a layout override. Based on specific instructions such as changing the color of the text this will override the default layout instructions.

Once you create your design and the layout is attached to the file you will see the ability to match the nodes to DP2.

So for example adding an image node will then pop up a box that will allow you to designate the node to match in DP2

For example in DP2 the image node may be 10001 then that is the number you would enter into the Node ID field.

This will be the same procedure for text nodes.

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