If you are using DP2 to print to then you will want to make sure you tell Blueprint where to submit those orders

Layout Root

This is where you are pulling the DP2 layout files from. This path should be the layout folder contained within the Eastman Kodak folder

Command File

When Blueprint prints out an order for DP2 it will generate a DP2 cmd file to be imported into DP2. The folder you save the DP2 file can be a folder of your choosing but then when running the import into DP2 make sure you are pointing to this folder.

Job Files

Blueprint will create a job file for each order pulled down into DP2. This should be stored within the job files folder within the Eastman Kodak folder.

Subject Info Table

The Subject Info Table tells DP2 what data to pull in from the Blueprint Orders and how to format it. The info table is provided to you when you sign up with ImageQuix and inform us that you will be using DP2.

The info table will be added to the user definitions in the Eastman Kodak folder

Set Order Status

This will set the status of the orders in DP2

Custom Order Function

You can identify custom functions to run when pulling down the orders into DP2. These are functions that you have setup in DP2 to run on orders.

Image Option Processing

If you select to skip image services with Macros then all image services that have a macro attached will not process through Fulfillment. These orders will skip that process and go straight to printing.

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