Before you begin

  • You can make QR codes in jobs that are configured with Subjects

  • You'll need at least 1 subject synced to the Job before you can export

How do I make QR codes?

  1. In the job, click on Tools => Export => QR Codes.

  2. Setup the Sorting and Grouping of your QR Codes.

  3. Setup the Card Configuration. **Always set QR Code to Gallery Link**

  4. Set where to save the export and run it.

After Step 4, you'll have a PDF file that will let you print 3 codes per sheet. Print and cut the QR codes to use as handouts for you subjects. Here's an example of what a slate could look like:

How do these work exactly?

Scan the QR code with your phone, and be taken to their individual gallery to view their pictures. Most smartphones today can open the link by viewing it through their default camera app!

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