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Creating and Using QR Codes
Creating and Using QR Codes

Learn how to create custom paper slates with the subject's gallery link embedded in a QR Code for smooth access to their online gallery.

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Before you begin

  • You can only use QR Codes in jobs that are configured with subjects.

  • Smart Workflow is required to sort images to subjects with QR Codes.

  • You'll need to import your subject data before you can make QR Codes.

  • The QR Code picture must not make up more than 3/5ths of the total image.

  • Subjects deleted + recreated after exporting QR Codes will need new QR codes.

  • The QR Code picture must not have the solid black box "broken."

    • Examples of this are:

      • Subject's fingers covering a portion of the box.

      • Clipboard is holding the slate card on/over the box.

      • Drawing lines or marks through the box/code.

Creating QR Code Slate Cards

Designed with Blueprint - All subjects

Export QR Codes from the job after you've imported and synced the subject data by clicking on Tools β†’ Export β†’ QR Codes

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Once inside the QR Code export template, start building your QR Codes by defining the sorting and grouping of QR Codes. You can also specify how many QR Codes should be printed per page. If you have a paper cutter, set your Stack Sort to the max number of sheets sliced per stack to keep the sorting accurate.

Add in any desired subject/studio data, as well as any custom text, to finish designing. You can see a preview of what a card will look like at the bottom as you start to make selections.

Next, choose where to save the PDF file and click Export to get your QR Codes.

πŸ’‘ Smart Workflow members can save their config as a custom export template to use again on any job going forward.

Designed with Blueprint - Single subject

Select a subject in a job and click Print β†’ QR Code

Add in any desired subject/studio data, as well as any custom text, to finish designing. You can see a preview of what a card will look like at the bottom as you start to make selections. Choose where to direct print or download the QR Code slate card.

Designed outside of Blueprint - What URL to use for QR Codes

You can design your own QR Codes outside of Blueprint by using a third-party tool. Each code will need the following URL embedded:


The internal-id is referring to the Internal ID Blueprint assigns each subject as they are created. View your subject's internal IDs by exporting subject data from the job. Subjects deleted and recreated after QR Codes have been exported will need new QR Codes made.

That URL can be used for both:

  • Sorting images to subjects using Smart Sort (requires Smart Workflow)

  • As a direct link for customers to view their personal gallery using their phones.

Designed outside of Blueprint - Design requirements for Smart Sort

The requirements for a successful design are:

  • Use QR Code Models 1 and 2 (learn more at: QR Code Model 1 and Model 2 | | DENSO WAVE)

    • Most 3rd-party services default to using QRC Models 1 and 2

  • Print codes on white or light-colored paper for as much contrast as possible

  • Add a black box around the QR Code if sorting images to subjects by QRC ⬇️

Your custom design (and the photo taken) should have a solid thick black box around the entire QR Code - much like the ones included in the Blueprint export:

This black box is the first thing Blueprint scans for when using Smart Sort. Once it finds the box, then it scans inside the box for the QR code. This helps increase read accuracy for a QR Code from a wide variety of shots.

Using QR Code Slates Cards with Smart Sort

How to take pictures with QR Codes

Take a picture of the QR Code before taking pictures of the subject. Each picture taken after the QR Code will be auto assigned to the subject the QR Code is attached with. We recommend the QR Code be shot from 3/5 distance like this:

How to add and sort pictures to subjects

Add your images into your Unsorted Images and click Smart Sort

Inside the tool, click on Autosort β†’ QR Code β†’ Sort to start sorting images to subjects.

Screen Recording 2021-12-09 at AM

Click Finish to exit the tool and sync your image assignment.

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