Exporting data with Blueprint

Learn about the different exports available in a job using Blueprint

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How do I make export data or make common exports like PSPA, PowerSchool, Synergy, etc.?

In a job, click on Tools > Export and click +New Export to get started:

Using a Subject Data & Images export, you'll configure various settings in different sections of the export to meet your needs.

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How do I save my custom export?

At the final section, click Save in the top-right corner apply a name to the export:

The named export is now available in the export selection menu:

Does Blueprint come with any pre-built templates?

Blueprint comes with different pre-built exports based on your membership:

Shopping Cart Only Members:

  • QR Code export (used for promoting online ordering)

  • Subject Data & Images

  • Gallery Visitor Emails

Smart Workflow Members:

  • QR Code export (used for both sorting images and promoting online ordering)

  • Subject Data & Images (flexible export to create, save and run custom exports)

  • Barcodes (30up)

  • Barcodes (8up) 7x10

  • Cume Stickers

  • Mugbook

  • Gallery Visitor Emails

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