Getting Started: Stripe + Blueprint

Using Stripe Express for fast, secure payouts and more

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Stripe is Blueprint's exclusive payment processor, powering critical features like:

  • Fast Payouts

  • In-app Refund Managment

  • Automatic Chargeback Disputes

  • and more!

Note: You cannot link an existing Stripe account with Blueprint.

Setup Stripe + Blueprint

In Blueprint, you'll see a prompt warning "Stripe Account Not Setup" on the homepage.

πŸ“’ A Stripe account is required before the studio can access The Shop.

Creating a Stripe Express account

Click create account to open a web-form. Fill out all the information and submit it.

❗Consider the following advice

  • Take your time while filling the form to ensure accuracy.

  • Include as much information as possible if adding team members to Stripe.

Stripe may require you to include additional missing information or complete an additional verification process, which could add extra delay to getting the studio access to the Shop.
​Blueprint will notify you in-app if additional information is needed.

Stripe Verification Process

After submission, your account will be pending verification from Stripe. Stripe will verify your account over the next 7 business days in an effort to prevent fraud. The studio can start taking orders once the account has been successfully verified.

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