When first getting started with the Lab Service you will need to setup your Preferences. These Preferences will determine the printer you are using, where images and data are being stored and your naming convention

The first section within the Preferences is Order Processing

This is where you will indicate where to store the processed images, smartfeed and report. Also this is where you will indicate if you are using a service such as DP2 for printing.

Bulk Orders

As a lab you have the option to receive bulk orders or not. Even if the studio decides to bulk if you do not want to accept this you can choose to flatten the bulk so they all come in individually.


Set the location to download the images for orders being processed through the lab.

There is no set rule that needs to be followed with the folder structure however it is advised that labs create one main folder with subfolders representing the Images, Reports and SmartFeed.

After assigning the folder for the images you can also decide if you want to create order subfolders.

Order Subfolders will create a folder for each individual order

Note: With Bulk orders this will just create one folder with all the images from that bulk


The reports that get printed from Blueprint are the service order invoices. These invoices contain the products that the lab will be fulfilling.

After selecting the download location you then have the option to choose to Auto-Print the reports.


The Smartfeed is the data file that comes with each order. This can be viewed as either a JSON or XML file and will contain all the order data such the products ordered, the bulk packaging information, shipping information and the studio's billing information.

Printer Configuration

When it comes to printer configuration there are 2 options to select. Those are:

  1. None
  2. DP2

If you are using DP2 you will want to select this then a new preference screen will appear. Take a look at our DP2 preferences article for instructions on setting up those preferences.


If you select None then all the Images and data will just show up in the designated folders for manual printing.

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