Before you begin

To receive orders awaiting Image Services in your Fulfillment tab, you'll need to have setup the following:

  • You've added your self-fulfilled Image Options to an active Price Sheet.

  • A self-fulfilled Image Option was purchased.

***IMPORTANT: ImageQuix Digital Download products purchased with Image Services will not deliver until those services are fulfilled!

Open Fulfillment in Blueprint to navigate to a table of your ordered Image Services. You can filter between incomplete and complete orders using the filter button next to the search bar. Filter by incomplete to see a table containing all of your orders that are currently waiting on Image Services to be performed before they can be fulfilled:

While the table will refresh automatically, you can manually refresh using the button at the top-right of the menu bar. You can also

Setting your fulfillment download/upload directories

You'll be prompted to set the download and upload directories used by the Fulfillment tab if this is your first time in the tab on your current device. Click on Settings → Image Services in the message or the Gear above the message to access the Image Services section of Fulfillment Settings.

In the Image Services section of your Fulfillment Settings. Select a directory for Blueprint to download the ordered image from and for Blueprint to upload the serviced image to the order from:

Starting your image service fulfillment workflow

You can download the image service orders you need to fulfill using one of three methods:

Once downloaded, you can begin performing the ordered image service. The images will download into separate folders in your download directory named after the image option ordered. The image files will also be named after their corresponding value in the column Image ID, providing easy lookup and order reference when needed.

Finishing your image service fulfillment workflow

When you're finished performing the image service, save the file in your specified upload directory to wrap up your image service. Blueprint looks inside your upload folder and processes replacements only if the filename remains unchanged from when it was downloaded.

Once they've been saved to the folder and Blueprint recognizes the file, you'll be prompted to sync in Blueprint. With AutoProcess on, new images will automatically upload every 5 minutes.

***IMPORTANT: You can save the processed images directly into the root of your specified upload folder. No need to add in any subfolders.

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