What are Background Sets?

A background set is a collection of jpg images that will be used as a backdrop for your PNG poses - usually categorized in some fashion, such as a theme.

How do I create a Background Set?

Inside the My Designs tab, click on Backgrounds to access your Background Categories. Background Categories are used to group multiple Background Sets together - usually categorized by season (ie. Fall 2020 - Background Sets).

You'll need to create at least one background category before you can create a background set. Click on the green Add Category button to create a new category.

Open a background category to begin creating a background set:

You can add as many images to a background set as needed.

What are the requirements for a background set?

A few things to consider before creating background sets:

  1. The background images are in a .jpg format

  2. The .jpg is lower case

  3. The color profile is RGB or sRGB

  4. IMPORTANT: If you're using PhotoLynx Flow, you'll need to include the same files with the exact same name in the file path: C:\ProgramData\Flow\Backgrounds\

How do I use my background set?

Inside a Price Sheet, add your background set or sets by clicking the green plus button next to the background section:

NOTE: You can click on the eye icon to hide a background in the set from the gallery

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