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How can I resend digital downloads to customers?

Select the Order from the Orders tab and click Resend Download:

You can also resend the order from within a Job's Orders tab:

This tool resends the digital download to the email address captured in the order.

Need the actual link?

Chat us the order number and we can provide it for you - but it will always follow this template:


What if the customer didn't receive their order?

Unfortunately, there can be many reasons why a customer might not have received their link, such as:

  • The customer entered an incorrect email address at checkout

  • The customer's email address is protected by an aggressive third-party spam filter

  • The order has been held and not released (due to Order Fulfillment Settings)

  • The order is waiting on image services (eg. retouching) before being released

In any instance, don't hesitate to start a chat with us and provide the order number for the Product Support Team to resolve the issue quickly!

Why are the digital files sent to customers so small?

The digital files we send still maintain their source image pixel dimensions (unless explicitly ordered). You can learn more about this topic from this well-written article:

We remove tons of useless metadata (read: junk) to keep your files tiny for many benefits, but the key thing to remember is that Image File Size does not correlate to Image Dimension Size

Can I offer image services on image downloads?

The delivery service will automatically hold the order until the image service is completed by the studio or lab if ordered. Customers will be emailed the latest version of the image to download.

**Our digital delivery service doesn't allow customers to purchase image services on All Image Digital Downloads**

You can learn more about setting up image services here:

Image Service Fulfillment Type


Studio Fulfillment

Lab Fulfillment

Coming Soon!

Can I offer multiple images with one image download product?

You can edit a single image download product to cover a variety of sale scenarios. Under Number of Images, you can choose between:

Number of Images (Click to View)

Additional Information

Single Image

This is the default behavior for every image download added.

Multiple Images

Recommended to keep both minimum and maximum values the same.

All Images

Sends every image in the gallery to the customer**

Customers cannot purchase image services with this configuration.

**Green screen orders fulfilled with first background in price sheet

Can I prevent group/team images from being ordered as digital downloads?

You can set an image type to be used for any print or image download product. Under ALLOWED IMAGE TYPES, you can choose between:

Allowed Image Types (Click to View)

Additional Information

Any Image

This is the default behavior for every product added.

Group Image Only

Only allows images assigned to the group the subject is a member of.

Individual Image Only

Only allows images assigned to the subject.

Can I attach my copyright release with all digital download orders?

Send the ImageQuix Product Support Team a PDF copy of your copyright release, and we'll update your account to include the file with every image download purchase.

How much does the ImageQuix digital download delivery service cost?

Each digital download order placed by your customers has a fee of $1 per image at a cap of $10. Take a look at this pricing applied in some different examples:

  • The client orders a digital download of all 30 images in their gallery.
    - The delivery service fee charged is $10.

  • The client orders a digital download for a range of 1 to 5 images in their gallery.
    - The maximum delivery service fee that can be charged is $5.

  • The client orders a digital download of a single image from their gallery.
    - The delivery service fee charged is $1.

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