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How do I undo my changes and start fresh?
How do I undo my changes and start fresh?

Learn how to "roll back" your job to the latest copy synced to our cloud.

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How do I undo the changes I've made to a Job?

Let's face it - weird stuff happens.

Sometimes you need to "roll back" and undo a change you did whether it was on accident or with purpose, small or large. If you didn't sync, you can quickly undo all local changes made to a Job and revert back to cloud copy.

Follow these steps to revert a job:

  1. Open Job Settings > Job Data and select Revert.

  2. Click Yes! Revert Job to proceed.

  3. Click Revert in the prompt confirming to delete all local changes made to the Job.

NOTE: The revert button will be inactive if no changes are found on your device.

Having the ability to "roll back" to a recent and good version of a job can be the difference between additional minutes or hours added to your workflow.

Revert becomes more powerful and "life-saving" the more frequent you sync - so be sure to sync often!

🧰 Trying to undo changes you've already synced?

Unfortunately, there's no way to undo changes that have been successfully synced.

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