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Previewing the gallery as a studio before giving access to your customers is recommend, but sometimes changes made after don't show on your next site visit.

This is likely caused by a bad local cache being used instead of a complete reload.

Sometimes, usually when you're making a lot of changes and have left something your cart, that cache gets in a state that prevents you from seeing your latest changes.

Some of the steps below 👇 are common practice solutions to resolve a majority of site viewing issues that occur locally due to a bad local cache being used.

Hard-refresh the browser window

Operating System

Keyboard Shortcut


Ctrl + Shift + R


⌘ Cmd + Shift + R.

If that didn't work, you might need to clear your browser's local cache.

How do I clear my browser's local cache?

There are different steps depending on which browser you use. Here are some helpful links for clearing the local cache of popular web browsers:

Web Browser




Microsoft Edge

Apple Safari

**NOTE: The buttons above lead outside of the IQ/PL Help Center**

Once completed, restart your browser and try accessing the webpage again. If it still persists, use the chat button to send us a message for further assistance! 👉

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