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Scheduling a Job Expiration Date
Scheduling a Job Expiration Date

Learn how to setup a deadline for your customers to place online orders on your Job in Blueprint

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What is a Job Expiration Date?

A Job's expiration date is a Job Setting that allows you to specify a deadline for your customers to place their online orders in that Job. Once the deadline has passed, your customers will see the Gallery Expired Message that you've set in the Job's Shopping Cart Template when trying to sign-in.

You can specify the date, time, and time zone (in that order) that the expiration should occur.ย 

Where do I set a Job Expiration Date?

When creating a new Job, you have the option to continue to set additional, optional, settings. The first optional section is the Job's Schedule, which allows you to set the expiration date:

You can also configure a Job's expiration date at any point by going to Job Settings > Schedule:

๐Ÿšจ Be sure to sync and save your changes!

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