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Assigning Subjects and Images to Pre-Orders
Assigning Subjects and Images to Pre-Orders

Learn how to assign subjects and images to your online pre-orders using Blueprint

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Before you begin: 

Your job must have had a custom form attached to it while accepting online orders:

  • You need pre-orders in your job waiting to be fulfilled

  • You need to have uploaded your subject data and images into your job.

Assigning Subjects to Pre-Orders

Assigning subjects and images to pre-orders is a two-step process.

First, assign your orders to Subjects. In Job Orders, click on Tools > Assign Orders:

You'll be prompted to select how to match the data you've collected with your custom form to the subject data fields inside your job. Blueprint will load a sample for you to compare. You can also select Update to prompt Blueprint to adjust the current name of the subject saved in Blueprint to the name entered on the Custom Form. Once you've specified the fields, press the green Start button to start assigning orders:

In the Assign Orders view, orders appear in a list on the left of the screen (similar to the subject list on the Subjects tab). You can search for or filter certain orders using the controls at the top of the list.

Pick an order to view the collected data and what Blueprint matched:

At this point, you can:

  • Assign the selected order to the recommended subject.

  • Assign the selected order to any subject.

  • Assign the selected order to a newly created subject.

Once finished, click sync to save your changes.

Assigning Images to pre-orders

Click on Tools > Assign Images to start the image assignment process:

⚠️ Note: Ensure that you have completed ALL edits to your images and that the current version of the primary and/or group image is the version you want assigned to the orders to avoid having to manually re-assign

You'll be prompted to confirm starting image assignment as this cannot be undone when completed. Image assignment will use the Primary Image of the subject, if no specific image mappings are specified in any My Design prints or Price Sheet Allowed Image Types are set.

Once finished, you'll notice the red❗will be replaced with an image icon under the Images column to indicate that images have been assigned to the order and are ready to be released/fulfilled.

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