Releasing Held Orders in Blueprint

Learn how to release your held orders from a Job in Blueprint

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Before you begin:

Your Job must have "Hold order fulfillment until manual release" checked under Job Settings > Order Fulfillment. You must also have orders in your Job that have been held from fulfillment.

Releasing your held orders to your Lab:

Open the Job with held orders and navigate to the Job's Orders tab. If your Job has been configured to hold order fulfillment and you have orders that are waiting to be manually released, you'll see a "release all orders" button:

You'll then be prompted to confirm if you'd like to send these orders to your Lab as a Bulk Order, You can also specify that the bulk order must be shipped to the studio address on file in Blueprint's Preferences section or specify a shipping address

🚨 PRO TIP 🚨 Imagequix Digital Downloads will always need to be individually released as they are not going to the same location.

After you've finished specifying your release preferences, you'll be taken to a final overview to summarize your order release. If everything looks good, click on the green Release Orders button to release your orders.

As a final precaution, you'll need to manually type in the word RELEASE into the text box when prompted to finish releasing your orders

Back on the Job's Orders tab, you should see your orders now have a Release Date instead of " - ". You may need to refresh the table by clicking refresh if it has not updated.

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