After you've finished publishing your PLIC Project to Blueprint, you'll still need to edit the Job's Settings and make it active before you start taking orders!

While we recommend reviewing all Job Settings that are editable, some important call outs are:

  • Attaching the correct Price Sheet and Shopping Cart Template

  • Enabling the Pre-Order configuration and adding a Custom Form (if applicable)

  • Configuring Order Fulfillment and Bulk Packaging (if applicable)

  • Adding a Welcome Message to the gallery for personalization

**NOTE: For Job Settings that are greyed out, you'll need to recreate the Project in PLIC with the correct configurations and publish it to Blueprint**

How do I make a change to the Subject Data and Images?

For jobs that were created using the PLIC integration, you'll have to edit the Subject Data and Images in the PLIC Project and publish those changes to have them appear in Blueprint, and online for you customers.

You can tell if a Job was created using the PLIC Integration by looking for the PhotoLynx logo on the Job's Dashboard:

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