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Publishing Projects from PLIC to Blueprint
Publishing Projects from PLIC to Blueprint

Learn how to publish your Project Data from PLIC to Blueprint to start taking orders online

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How do I push my project from PLIC to Blueprint?

First, you'll need to have a project in your PLIC account that was either:

  • Created using PLIC

  • Pushed to PLIC from FLOW

After you've got a Project in PLIC you're ready to push, open the Project and click on + Create ECommerce Gallery. You'll be asked to specify the Order Form and E-Commerce Provider for the Project.

You can also toggle if the gallery will be used with green screen images. Ensure this is toggled correctly as it cannot be changed once pushed to Blueprint

Once done, you'll be taken back to the Project Details screen with a notification that your gallery is being published to Blueprint.

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