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Setting up a PLIC integration with Blueprint
Setting up a PLIC integration with Blueprint

Learn how to integrate your PLIC account with Blueprint to easily push your PLIC Projects to Blueprint

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How do I link my PLIC account with Blueprint?

After you've setup your PLIC account, you'll need to sign into the Master Account of Blueprint. This is typically the user account of the Studio Owner. Click here to learn how to determine which account is the Account Owner.

After you've logged into the Master Account:

Open Preferences > Integrations in Blueprint. You'll need to enter the valid credentials of a user in your PLIC Organization to connect your accounts:

That's it! 

Start pushing your Projects from FLOW and PLIC to Blueprint for easy online ordering! 

You'll also see your ImageQuix Customer ID under your organization details in PLIC:

Can I pair my PLIC account to multiple ImageQuix accounts?

You can only pair your PLIC account to one ImageQuix account as this time.

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