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Using Subject Groups in Blueprint
Using Subject Groups in Blueprint

Learn how to create, assign, edit, and remove groups and group images to your Jobs in Blueprint

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1. What is a Subject Group?

A group is a collection of 2 or more subjects in a Job in Blueprint. These groups contain their own "group images" that can be viewed in the online gallery immediately after their individually assigned portraits.

Your clients will see a Group Image icon in the top-left corner of their group images in the gallery to help identify those images:

2. Why should I use Subject Groups?

Groups allow you to showcase buddy shots or class images to multiple subjects without having to upload the same image multiple times to your Job for each subject. 

My Designs lets you map group images to specific image nodes in your custom designs, like Memory Mates, to make the purchasing experience even easier for your clients. 

You can also lock specific prints or products to only allow the selection of group images in your Price Sheets.

3. How do I create Subject Groups?

There are three different ways to create groups in Blueprint:

  • Manually creating each group in the Subjects Tab

  • Specifying one or more columns in your data file to group subjects during import

  • Using the Group Subjects tool in Job Settings

While this article will go over the steps for each method, the first two requirements are always the same - you need subject data and a subject-configured job to group subjects!

You can check if your pre-existing Job is a subject-configured Job by opening Job Settings and confirming this box is checked:

Manually creating groups using the Subjects tab:

In the Subjects Tab, click on the Group button to toggle from the Subject List to the Group List. You can use the + New Group button below to create a new group. Give the group a name and use the button below to assign your subjects to the group. 

Create and assign groups during data import

At the Match Columns to Subject Data screen in the import process, you can map multiple columns in your data file to this field. As the import process brings in the Subject data, it will create and assign subjects to those groups as it reads the data file line by line. 

Using the Job Data tools in Job Settings

The Group Subjects By tool in the Job Data section of Job Settings will allow you to automatically sort your subjects into groups based on subject data that you have already uploaded to the Job. Use the drop-down list to select from the available options and click the Group Subjects button. You'll see a final confirmation warning before Blueprint starts the grouping:

4. How do I add/edit images to my groups?

Once you've created your groups, you can start uploading and assigning images to them. In the Subjects Tab, use the toggle above the Subject List to switch to Group List, then select the group.

You'll then be able to drag-and-drop or use the + Add Images button in the top-right hand corner to add images to the group (just like you would for individual subjects):

5. How do I remove a group?

Use the Pencil icon next at the top of the Group List to remove groups. You can also use this to remove Subjects you've added to groups by mistake:

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