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How do I fix missing images in a job?
How do I fix missing images in a job?

Learn how to tell Blueprint to look for and upload missing images in your Job from your device to our cloud.

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What does it mean when my Job has "missing images"?

There are two phases to adding images to Blueprint (and the IQ cloud):

  1. Adding images from a device to a job.

  2. Syncing that data from your local device to our cloud.

The second phase (syncing) is what makes your data available online for clients and available on any computer you use Blueprint.

Every now and then, strange things occur, and the data doesn't make it all the way through. As a result, Blueprint may be aware that there are subjects with images, but we don't have the actual image stored in our cloud for reference, which is why you're seeing this message:

❗Subjects assigned missing images CANNOT access their online gallery❗

How do I tell which images are missing?

You can tell if a Job has missing images because the title will be listed in red:

Jobs that have missing images also have an additional filter option in the Subjects tab. You can also use the Images tab within the job to filter for Missing Images. Apply the filter to narrow your view to affected subjects only:

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How do I restore or delete missing images?

After closing the "missing images " message, you can restore or delete the missing images by going through these step - Job's Settings > Job Data > Missing Images:



Restore Missing

  • Blueprint will ask for a folder that contains the images currently missing in a job.

  • Blueprint will check the filenames of the missing images against the ones in the folder you've chosen and restore them if they match. Just be sure that the names align within the folder you've picked.

  • Affected images sharing a filename with at least 1 other image are skipped.

Deleting Missing

  • Blueprint will delete all missing images in the job.

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