Restoring Missing Images

After closing the notification window, you have the option to either restore or delete the missing images in the Job's Settings => Job Data section. The Restore Missing button will ask you to select the folder on your device that contains the missing images.

Blueprint will compare the filenames of the missing images in the Job against the images in the selected folder and restore them if there's a match.

Can I tell which Job or Subject has Missing Images?

You can tell if a Job has missing images because the title will be listed in red on the Jobs tab:

Jobs that have missing images also have an additional filter option in the Subject tab to help you locate a specific subject affected:

What does it mean when my Job has "Missing Images"?

There are two phases to adding images to Blueprint (and the ImageQuix Cloud). The first phase is adding images from a folder on your computer or directly from the camera to the local copy of your Job's Subject Data in Blueprint. The second phase is syncing that data from your local device to our Cloud.

The second phase is what makes that data available online for your clients and available on every computer you use Blueprint with. 

Sometimes - weird things happen, and the data doesn't make it all the way through. The result is that our cloud knows Subjects have images, but we don't have the actual image to reference; so you get this notification when opening the Job:

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