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Creating Custom Export Templates
Creating Custom Export Templates

Learn how to create, modify, and save unique custom export templates (for PSPA, Mugbook, PowerSchool, etc.) in Blueprint

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What are Custom Export Templates?

Custom Export Templates empower you to modify any of the built-in export templates and save those changes as a separate, unique export. 

Build the export once, then run it in multiple Jobs to get the data you want in the format you need with just a few clicks!

Creating your first Custom Export Template

To start, click on the Tools drop-down and select Export to bring up Export Templates. Click on + New Export to create a brand-new export

Be sure to check out our article Exporting Subject Data + Images to learn more about the different customizable options available in the Subject Data & Images.

Saving your Custom Export Template

After you've finished setting the export to meet your requirements, be sure to save your work by clicking Save in the top-right corner and naming your export. 

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