Getting Started with Studio Orders

The Orders tab will let you view all orders placed in your Studio's Jobs. To open the view, click on Orders in the black bar at the very top of the App.

Using the Order Table

Click on the checkbox next to an order to select it. Once selected a drop-down toolbar will appear enabling you to edit the order or delete the order. 

You can only edit one order at a time, but can delete multiple orders at once, as long as the orders are cash orders. Credit card orders cannot be deleted.  

You have a few commands in the top-right corner, such as Refresh, Export, and Date Filters. Select on the date range to specify a specific date range to show orders. You can choose between any presets available in the drop-down, or input a custom range.


Export Orders

Click on the Export button to open the Export Wizard. You'll be prompted to enter a save location and choose between a single-row and multi-row export. 

Single-Row: Exports orders in one line per order. Includes the Job Name & ID, reference ID of the Packages and Products ordered, and customer information. Great for financial reports and audits.

Multi-Row: Exports orders one line per product. This is great for proofing orders in which you need the image name and which products the image is ordered on.

Perfect to import into FLOW!

The next screen lets you specify which orders to export. You can filter between specific statuses of orders (like New, Processed, or Shipped) or by Job ID, Pay Date, or a Customer's Name.

Choose the configurations desired for your export and you'll be notified when the .csv file is created.

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