Getting Started with Orders

To start viewing your Job's orders, click on the Orders Tab in the Job:

Any order that's been placed on your Jobs will appear in each Job's Orders tab. You can view information such as:

  • Order Number - Each one has a symbol to differentiate between cash and card

  • Order Date - Date and Time the order was placed

  • Release Date - Date the order was released to the lab

  • and more!

Click on any order number to open and view the invoice:

You can use the search box to search for specific orders by Subject or Customer Name or Order Number. You can also apply filters using the filter button next to the search box. The table automatically refreshes with the filter criteria once applied.

There are commands in the top-right corner of the screen that can be used to perform various actions in this screen. Use the tools drop-down to assign orders and images to pre-orders. You can release orders to be fulfilled by their respective services using the Release All Orders command.


Financials vs. Fulfillment

Use the table button next to the search bar to switch between Financial View and Fulfillment View. Fulfillment view shows you your order information and it's status at your assigned lab.

Here, you can see the Lab Order Number, as well as Order Status and Shipping Information.

Pro Tip: Use the Table View Options button to add or remove desired columns. Customize each view to only show the relevant data you need.

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