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Getting Started with Job Orders

Learn how to access and act on the financial and fulfillment information from a job.

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Getting Started with Orders

To start viewing your Job's orders, open a Job and select the Orders tab:

You can search for orders using the order number, subject online code, or customer name. You can refresh the orders table to view the latest data at any point.

How to view a receipt

Select an order number to view the receipt. While in this view, you can also:

  • Assign to a subject (if a pre-order)

  • Download a copy.

  • Send a copy to a customer (using the billing email address)

  • Print a copy.

How to filter orders

Click on the filter button next to the search bar to filter orders. You can filter based on:

  • Unassigned or Assigned.

  • Has Images or No Images.

  • Cash / Check or Credit Card.

Switching Table Views

Use the Table View Options button to switch between a Financials or Fulfillment view:

  • Financials: See customer info + financial details (Payment Status, Net Pay, etc.)

  • Fulfillment: See lab info + ordered services (Print Services, Image Services, Digitals)

The Financials view shows customer and bookkeeping information.
The Fulfillment view shows lab fulfillment and all service orders.

πŸ’‘ One order can have multiple service orders. Be sure to review the status of each ordered service using the Fulfillment view.

Using Order Actions

Select one a checkbox next to an order number to select it and display order actions:

You can select and perform an action on more than one order, but only actions applicable to all orders will be available to select. You can also "shift-click" the second the order to select all orders in-between the first and second order selected.

❗Different actions become available depending on which table view you're currently using!

Using Order Tools

The are four order tools you can use in a job:

Order tool


Assign Orders

  • Assign Orders to subjects.

  • Smart Workflow users can reassign orders at any time.

Assign Images

  • Assign Images to orders.

  • Can only be run after orders have been assigned to subjects.

Bulk Add Orders

  • Create an order for multiple subjects.

  • Filter subjects to create orders for based on numerous criteria.

Release All Orders

  • Release all held orders for fulfillment.

  • Opens wizard to assist with releasing orders by lab fulfiller.

  • Shown in the top-right corner when at least 1 order needs to be released.

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