Getting Started with Price Sheets

Learn how to create and manage Price Sheets (aka Order Forms, Price Lists) in Blueprint.

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What is a Price Sheet?

A Price Sheet is for organizing prints, products, services, and backgrounds to sell. Use flexible configurations to build unique packages and offers to entice and incentivize customers.

There are four different sections inside a price sheet:

  • Categories: prints, products, specialty items, a la carte items, etc.

  • Image Options: retouching, blemish removal, brace removal, etc.

  • Order Options: special packaging. personalization etc.

  • Backgrounds: background image sets for green screen poses.

Creating a new Price Sheet

Click on the green + NEW button in the top-right corner to create a new price sheet:

Product Categories

A product category is the core of the shop. It's where you'll add packages, prints, products a la carte items, and more to your price sheet. Create and name as many product categories as needed to keep merchandise organized. Customers can select them online to quickly navigate the price sheet.

Adding Packages

Inside a Product Category, click on + Add Package to create a package. Package contents will automatically be listed in the online gallery. Select the newly created package to edit the following attributes:

Package Attribute

Detailed Info

Display Image

Upload a custom display image (500x100 JPG, JPEG) or use our default image.


Add a custom name to your package.


Set a price for your package.


Add a custom description to your package.

Package contents are automatically listed in the online gallery.

Reference ID

Add the Map Key from the corresponding package in your Flow Catalog if you're importing your orders back into PhotoLynx Flow for fulfillment.

Package Type

Choose between a Standard or Build-Your-Own

Standard: Everything in the package is included.

Build-Your-Own: Customers can choose their desired contents from the items added in the package.

Image Configuration

Set the number of images that can be used for the package.


Set if the package is hidden or visible to customers in the online gallery.*

*Smart Workflow members can still order hidden items using the Point-of-Sale system in Blueprint.

Discount Code

Add a Based on Order discount code to automatically give a discount code to subjects who order the package.

The Based on Order discount code will be available to use on the next order placed on the subject.

💡 In the Price Sheet, package information takes precedence over product information. Clients will only view the package attributes if both a package and a product within the package have undergone customization. This exception does not apply to the Display Image and Name attributes.

Adding Offers

Offers allow you to create dynamic rules and purchasing criteria to entice and incentivize your customers. Inside a product category, click on Add Offer.

Offer Setting

Detailed Info

Purchase Criteria

Specify what the purchasing restrictions are for all items in the product category.

You can choose between:

  • No purchase required.

  • No more than one item may be purchased.

  • Exactly one item must be purchased.

  • At least one item must be purchased.


Add dynamic rules to unlock the product category for customers.

Rules can be set to unlock the product category once:

  • A minimum cart sub-total is met

  • An item from a different product category is added to the customer's cart

Rules can be configured to be and/or statements. The category will unlock once all the conditions of one rule are met.

Image Options

The image option section is where you can add image services (like retouching, blemish removal, etc.) to your price sheet. These options will be presented for each image the customer adds to their cart.

Order Options

The order option section is where you can add options that should apply to the entire order (such as boutique packaging, gift wrapping, etc.), These options will be presented right before checkout.


Add your Background Set(s) created in My Designs to your Price Sheet. Customers can switch between different sets to view the backgrounds applied to their PNG images while browsing the gallery.

💡 Want to make a few tweaks to a price sheet without having to rebuild an entirely new one? You can duplicate the price sheet of your choice by selecting the check box next to the desired price sheet you want to copy and selecting Duplicate from the blue taskbar that will appear.


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