What is a Custom Form?

A Custom Form is a personalized list of questions your clients will fill-out during their pre-order checkout in your online store. The answers your clients provide can then be used as additional subject data and help assign pre-orders to your subjects.

To start building a Custom Form, click on the Build a Custom Form tile under the Shopping Cart tab. Use the green +NEW button to start a new form.


Building a Custom Form

In the form builder, you'll see groupings of available data fields to drag onto your form on the right side bar. Once added, use the icon on the far left to reposition the question on the form and the trash icon on the far right to remove the question. 

Click on the data field in your form to expand and edit your question. Customize up to eight different questions to capture the data you want and save it where you want!

NOTE: Most of the data field questions (such as First Name) will be automatically configured to map to their correlating Subject Data field. Use the custom questions for any data fields needed that aren't explicitly listed.
When fished, click on the pencil icon in the top left corner to rename your new form, then click on the green CREATE button when finished to save it.


Attaching your new form to a Job

Now that you've built a custom form, you'll need to attach it to a Job for your clients to use it. Open the Settings tab of the desired Job. Under the General section, scroll down to the Custom Form drop-down box to add or remove forms.

NOTE: Be sure to Sync and save your changes.

Below is an example of the form your clients will fill out online during check-out:


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