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Getting Started with Smart Sort + QR Codes
Getting Started with Smart Sort + QR Codes

Learn how to create, modify, and use QR codes in your workflow to easily assign images and promote online ordering

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Before you begin

What is Smart Sort?

Smart Sort is a tool available to studio memberships with the Smart Workflow add-on. The tool scans your images for QR codes and assigns image chunks to subjects or groups accordingly.

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How does the QR Code workflow work?

The "capture" part of the workflow is broken down into 3 pieces:

  • Export, print, and cut your QR codes.

  • Start picture day with your camera and QR codes.

  • Upload and sort your images with Blueprint.

The first picture taken for each subject/group must be of their assigned QR Code slate card. You can take as many subsequent subject/group images as needed. We recommend for the subject to hold the card for the QR Code image to also become your reference image - an image showing data from the QR slate card and a subject.

The QR Code on the slate card can be scanned by mobile devices to access the gallery to view and order on images or sign-up for gallery availability notifications.*

Blueprint will sort your uploaded images to the appropriate subjects/groups and automatically hide the QR Code image to prevent customers from accidentally viewing/ordering.

🚨 Available for premium members only 🚨

Creating QR Codes

Printing a single QR Code

Select a subject from a job and click Print > QR Code:

Blueprint will prompt you to set up the sorting, grouping, designing of your QR Codes before they can be exported. See Sorting, Grouping, and Designing the QR Code for more information.

Batch exporting of QR Codes

In a job, click on Tools > Export > QR Codes:

Blueprint will prompt you to set up the sorting, grouping, designing of your QR Codes before they can be exported. See Sorting, Grouping, and Designing the QR Code for more information.

Sorting, Grouping, and Designing the QR Code

Check out this short video on how to use the QR Code export:

Using Smart Sort

Using Smart Sort per job

Click Tools > Smart Sort. Once in, select +Add Images to add your images to the tool:

Select Autosort > QR Code > Sort to start the tool and assign images to subjects.

Blueprint will now process and sort all images to their respective subjects:

  • QR Code images are automatically hidden from customer view.

  • If a QR Code does not match any subject, the images remain together "unsorted" for the studio to create a new subject or leave unassigned.

Click finish to exit the tool. Sync to upload the images and save your changes.Β 

Multi-Job QR Import tool

The Multi-Job QR Import tool lets you use Smart Sort to sort and assign images to subjects/groups from multiple jobs in one motion. Copy all the images from multiple camera cards into one folder before starting.

From the Jobs tab, select Tools > Multi-Job QR Import:

Select a folder that contains QR workflow images and select Autosort.

Afterwards, the tool will let you:

  • Review and correct any image assignment as needed

  • Save a report of all images assigned/unassigned

  • Sync to upload images to cloud

Common FAQS

Why didn't my QR Code sort?

A. There can be a number of factors, but the most common we see are:

  • Subject the QR Code was made for was deleted/recreated after printing.

  • QR Code / Image is not in focus.

  • QR Code is bent or damaged.

  • QR Code was at least partially covered by fingertips

Double-checking to make sure no thumbs are covering up a portion of the QR code and that the image is in focus will go a long way to ensure a successful read.

How do I take a good QR Code photo?

We recommend a 3/4th body shot distance. Some common best practices are:

  • Attach QR Code card to clipboard or music stand for stability

  • Practice shooting QR Codes from e-reader/tablet devices in different light settings (if applicable)

  • Ensure you're at a 3/4th distance, the image is in focus, with the QR Code facing the camera

Can I prepare "blank" QR Codes for unexpected subjects?

Absolutely! Add and sync "blank" subjects in the job before exporting.

Studios typically update those "blanks" with subject data afterwards by:

  • Writing the data on the QR Card to key in later by examining the reference image.

  • An assistant captures that information into Blueprint (or on paper) while on-site.

Can subjects use the QR Codes to access the gallery?

Yes! Make sure the card is configured with the QR Code type Gallery Link:

Do I have to print the QR Codes to use them?

Not necessarily.

Some studios have adapted to taking a picture of the QR Code while viewing the PDF Document from a digital screen (like TVs, Tablets, Projects).



  • Quick look-up of QR Code using basic PDF text search features

  • Reduce printing and cutting costs

  • More challenging shot with light conditions + device screen type

  • Additional battery/power considerations

Overall, we recommend printing and cutting the QR Codes so that they can be given to your subjects as "tangible keys" to access their gallery.

Can I export QR Codes for a specific group/grade?


Setting your primary sort to Group Name will allow you to specify which group(s) to use the export with. Just group your subjects in Blueprint before starting the export.

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