• You should already have subject data in the job, exported the QR Codes, and are ready to take pictures


Take a picture of the QR Code (similar to the one below) before taking pictures of the subject. Each picture taken after the QR Code will be auto-assigned to the subject the QR Code is attached with. We recommend the QR Code be shot from 3/4 distance like the image below:

From the job dashboard. You will go to Tools and select Smart Sort. Once inside the Smart Sort Module you will click on +Add Images to add the images from the folder/camera card. 

Once you’ve imported all images into the Smart Sort Module, you’ll want to use the Autosort tool to assign images to subjects based on the data in the QR code. You’ll be prompted to select how you want to sort the images. Make sure QR code is selected and click the sort button to have Blueprint start assigning images.Blueprint will now process and sort all images to the subject specified in the QR code. Click Finish to exit the Smart Sort Module and SYNC to save the changes. 

Customer Scenario: 

  • QR Code pictures are automatically hidden from customer view. 


Blueprint’s Smart Tag Freestyle is a great capture solution for photographers who like to focus on getting the best picture possible and don’t want to worry about carrying devices to the shoot. By shooting QR codes, you only need to bring paper and a camera to the shoot! You'll have everything you need to sort and assign your images when you get back to the studio.

Export QR Codes

Prepare for your shoot by exporting your QR codes. Click Export -> QR Codes to get started. Here, you’ll be able to sort your subjects with a Primary and Secondary sort, and also apply a Stack Sort. On the next screen, you’ll configure exactly what you want on the QR card. Choose if you’d like the online gallery link embedded in the QR code (to have parents be able to easily access the images later), what subject data fields you’d like listed, or add a couple custom fields to each card. After configuring it exactly how you want, you can save the template to use on other jobs by clicking Save in the top right corner.

Taking Photos

Before taking the image of the subject, make sure you shoot a photo of the QR code. There are a few simple rules to make sure the QR code can be read:

  1. Make sure the square around the QR code is unimpeded and complete.

  2. Shoot the QR code between an arms length away, or a ¾ shot of the subject holding the paper.

  3. Make sure the paper isn’t skewed when shooting.

After shooting a photo of the QR code, shoot as many images of the subject as you’d like. If the subject comes up to the camera again, simply shoot the QR code again, and shoot more images.

Smart Sort

After the shoot, drag all of the images into the Unsorted group inside the job then click Smart Sort in the top right. Once inside Smart Sort, click Autosort and choose the QR code option. Now, sit back and let Blueprint sort your images. It’s that easy! Blueprint will assign the images and hide the QR code image so it can’t be ordered on.

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