Refunds & Chargebacks

Learn about ImageQuix's refund and chargeback policies and how to submit a refund request.

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How do I handle refunds with Blueprint?

You can perform full and partial refunds directly in Blueprint if you've integrated a Stripe account and the order was processed with Stripe.

Before you begin:

Refund orders using Blueprint

Select the order you'd like to refund using the studio Orders table by clicking the checkbox next to the order. Select Refund Order in the drop-down bar:

Fill out all of the requested information to document and process a refund:

You can also cancel unprocessed orders or send the customer a refund notification.

Full refunds credit back the entire order including commission and fees.

Partial refunds credit back proportionately the amount of all commission and fees.

You'll see a message stating the Refund was submitted successfully and the order status will be changed to Archived:

Depending on the financial institutions involved, it may take 3-5 business days for the money to return to the customer's bank account.

What are chargebacks?

A Chargeback is the return of funds to a customer, forcibly initiated by the customer's bank. In addition, a fee is also incurred due to the chargeback initiated by your customer. These fees are not controlled by ImageQuix and are automatically taken by the customer's bank. 

Both the returned total order amount and the chargeback fee generated by your customer ($15) are passed on to your ImageQuix account.

What do I do if I received a Chargeback Notification?

Please contact your customer, have them call their bank, and agree to the reversal. ImageQuix will submit your customer's bank/credit card company a copy of the invoice. However, if additional information is needed a member of our finance team will reach out to you for additional evidence (such as tracking number, refund policy, etc.). Once we receive notification from your customer's bank that the dispute was won and the chargeback is reversed, Stripe will credit the order total amount to your account.

If they do not agree to the reversal or the dispute is lost, the chargeback deductions stated above will remain on your ImageQuix account.

ImageQuix Refund Policy

Refunds are at the discretion of the photographer and ImageQuix reserves the right to reject a refund request.

Refunds older than 90 days will need to be handled by the studio.

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