What is Smart Tag?

Smart Tag blends traditional tethered capture with new technology to keep your shoots moving quickly and accurately. With Smart Tag, you can capture images, data and orders as well as print designs like ID cards all in the same tool!

How do I open Smart Tag?

Once your station is set up, in Blueprint, navigate to the job and click Tools > Smart Tag. This will open the Capture Module that begins your Wired Smart Tag session.


How do I setup Smart Tag?

Connect your camera's data cable to your computer and open your camera's utility software. Using your camera's utility software, you'll create a simple hot-folder structure for your camera to automatically move images to the computer. 

Once the hot-folder has been created, we'll need Blueprint to watch that folder for new images to import. Open Smart Tag Settings and scroll to the Camera Hot Folder section to enable watching and map the Hot Folder.

Now, when new images are added to the hot-folder, they will automatically be added to Blueprint!

Pro Tip: Blueprint reads the images in your hot folder; not move them. All images taken at the shoot will remain in your hot-folder. After syncing, Blueprint will move the images to a new folder named "archived" inside the hot-folder.


Additional Smart Tag Settings

While the hot-folder mapping is the bare-minimum needed for setup, there are additional settings available to configure:

Automatic Head-sizing: Blueprint detects the face on every image that's in the software and can apply head sizing as images are pulled in from your hot-folder automatically.

Automatic Aspect Ratio
: This setting will set the aspect ratio of each image as they're added to subjects. The following options are available when applying an automatic aspect ratio:

  • 2:3 (4x6)
  • 2.5:3.5 (5x7)
  • 4:5 (8x10)
  • 1:1 (10x10)

Primary Image Selection: Decide if you’d like the default primary image to be the first image taken on the subject or the last.

Barcode Scan Field: Choose the subject data field embedded in your exported barcodes to have Blueprint automatically bring up that subject when scanned. 

Available data fields to choose from are:

  • ID (System ID)
  • Online Code 
  • Subject ID
  • Custom Data 1
  • Custom Data 2
  • Custom Data 3

Subject Listing: Choose which subject-data fields you want to see in the subject list on the left when in a Smart Tag session.

Subject Data Preview: Select up to five different data fields to make visible in the middle pane when a subject is selected. These data fields can be updated on the fly as subjects come up to the chair.
Printer Hot Folder: Choose the folder you’d like your print templates exported into. You can also print your attached print templates directly to your installed printer.

Managing Subjects in Smart Tag

Easily create, edit or delete your subjects while in a Smart Tag session. After selecting a subject, click the Info tab to see all of your used subject data fields. 

Here you can edit or add any data you’d like. At the bottom of the Info tab, you can SHOW ALL fields to see all subject data fields available.

You can also create a new subject on the fly by using the New Subject button at the bottom-left corner of the application. 

Use the filter button to apply filters to the subject list beside the search bar. As you photograph each subject, the list will filter out any applicable subjects instantly.

Pro Tip: After applying filters to the Subject List, you can export any results to a new .csv file by clicking Export List in the bottom-left corner of the filter window.

Taking Photos with Smart Tag

Once the subject is chosen or scanned, you're ready to take pictures. Take as many images as you’d like before moving on to the next subject. As you take pictures, you will see the image appear in the center pane and in the Subject Timeline on the right-hand side.

The Subject Timeline only shows the timeline of Subjects and Images taken in Smart Tag per session!

You can zoom in or out, change the aspect ratio on the bottom toolbar. The left toolbar also has several options to choose from.

Toolbar and Features

You're able to view all of the images for a subject and select the primary or yearbook image. You can also hide or delete images from a subject. Click on the printer icon to print your assigned print templates using the selected subject's data. 

You can also apply Blueprint's auto-headsizing to images (if it's not set to do so automatically). As you change subjects and take photos, you'll notice a timeline of images taken on the right side. If you mess up, simply drag the image into the correct subject.


Order Entry in Smart Tag

Click the green $+ button in the top-right to quickly enter any orders as needed.

Once you’ve entered into the Point-of-Sale mode, you’ll simply choose the package and configure any options that need to be chosen to create a valid order. Then select cash or card, and complete the order. It is that easy!

Note: Your device must be online to enter card orders, as Blueprint will not store card information onto your device.

Offline Mode

Smart Tag Wired can be used online or offline. If you need to use it offline, just download the job before disconnecting. You can do this from the Jobs List by selecting the checkbox beside the Job(s) and clicking Download, or just open the Job!

Once you have the Job downloaded, feel free to disconnect from the internet and start using the application. Once you entered a Smart Tag Wired session, you’ll be able to access everything mentioned above.

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