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Letting Subjects select the Yearbook Pose
Letting Subjects select the Yearbook Pose

Learn how subjects can choose their Yearbook Pose online via Blueprint.

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How does ImageQuix recommend handling Yearbook Poses?

Generally, we recommend studios let subjects select their own Yearbook Pose to help take some of the workload off of the studio. You can turn on Yearbook Selection within the Job Settings and provide a custom message (to provide any relevant information) to subjects while they make their choice.

The general workflow is:

  • The images are uploaded (Yearbook Selection is enabled)

    • Premium Members can use a marketing campaign to alert subjects

  • Subjects access the online gallery's Yearbook Selection Tool to make their choice

  • After the deadline, the studio completes any missing selections

    • Filter on subjects without yearbook poses

    • Filter on images showing subjects without Yearbook Poses*

  • Finished: Selections can be exported as a CSV for record keeping

*requires Smart Workflow

The Yearbook Selection Tool allows subjects and the studio to select up to two images as their "yearbook selections" in the online gallery and directly in Blueprint.

โ—Blueprint supports popular Yearbook exports including PSPA and PowerSchoolโ—

How do I turn on Yearbook Selection?

Inside a Job, open Job Settings > Yearbook and select a pose number greater than 0:


Select the number of poses for clients to select (1 or 2). Select 0 to turn off the tool.


Set a message to your clients to show while using the Yearbook Selection tool.


Final date selections are accepted. Subjects can't make selections after midnight EST.

Blueprint users can still make selections after the due date.

How do subjects select their Yearbook Pose?

Subjects can use it after opening the gallery and using the bottom-left red button:

With Yearbook Poses enabled, you have new filters to see Yearbook related data:

*filtering on images showing subjects with yearbook poses requires Smart Workflow.
All memberships can filter on subjects without yearbook poses.

Once you have the data ready

You can use the subject data + images export to provide a Yearbook Admin dataset. Smart Workflow members can save it as a custom export to use for other data sets.

Chat with a Product Support Specialist for assistance with recreating your export.

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