What is a Welcome Message?

A Welcome Message is a Job Setting option that will greet all clients who enter that Job's online gallery. This message will greet every customer once they've entered the gallery with their online code. You can add custom text and an image to personalize the message to the Job.

How do I add a Welcome Message to my Job?

To start, open the Settings tab of a Job and click on Welcome Message.

NOTE: The Welcome Message Textbox is HTML supported. Use different Text Format Tags to create a more unique message. For more information on HTML Text Formatting, click here.


We recommend using a PNG setup with 400px the long way; but JPGs are supported. Your welcome image can include your studio's logo, your school or sports league logo, or anything else you may find appropriate for the job.

What does this look like for my clients?

Below is an example of a Welcome Message greeting a customer entering the gallery:

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