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PLIC Elements: Customer Proofs

Information about how a customer can proof a composite or group

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You should have received a link to start proofing your composite or group photos. When you first enter the proofing page, you will be prompted to fill out who you are.

After entering your name and email, you should see a list of batches that need to be approved along the top.

Click on the group names to switch between which group you are proofing. If everything looks correct, click on the green "Approve Proof" button at the bottom.

If you want to submit corrections back to your studio, click on the empty box in the bottom right hand corner and type your comments. Once done, click on Add Corrections. Next, click on the red "Deny Proof" button at the bottom so the studio knows that they have work to do.

Once done, you will see that the batch you just denied show up in red at the top. You will not be able to make any more comments without contacting your studio to unlock it again.

Once you are done approving or denying all of the batches, you will be prompted to submit them. Click ok to finish up your proof and submit it back to the studio to make edits. If you do not submit the proof, they will not know they have corrections to make!

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