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Customizing project templates and editable fields in PLIC Books

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In PLIC Books you can change the default fields you can see and edit under Subject Management. First, go to the Studio/Lab Settings tab. Next, click on the Project Templates button at the top.

By default we will create three separate templates:

  • One for yearbooks called School Subjects

  • One for sports called Sports Book

  • One for directories called Church Directory

Each of these templates can be assigned to one or more Project Types such as Elementary School Yearbook or Church Directory. You will be asked for the project type when creating a book, but you can also edit it's type at any point from the Yearbooks tab -> Project Settings under the yearbook's dropdown menu. Changing the project type will change what fields that project shows under Subject Management.

To change what fields are shown by default, click on the Edit button to the right of each template.

Here you will see a list of the fields each template starts with by default. Each field has both a field key and a label. The field key is used so that you can call the field whatever you want and still have the system use it correctly. For example, if you the field to show up as "F NAME", you would assign it as the field type of "First Name", and then give it a custom label of "F NAME" so that everything continues to behave correctly.

The Group Field checkbox determines if this field will show to the user as a dropdown to select from existing values. For example for teachers, you generally want users to pick from an existing spelling of "Mrs. Jackson" and not have some people type "Mrs Jackson" and others type just "Jackson".

The "Editable in Subject Management" field determines whether or not this field shows up under Subject Management. Some fields represent private data that you want in the system, but not data you want schools to see or to be editing. For those fields, maybe sure that checkbox is turned off.

All of these templates are required to have a First Name and Last Name field, and it always needs to be editable.

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