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Creating and using flyers in PLIC Books

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Flyers can be accessed from the Layouts tab. If you are a studio user, you can either view a school's flyers or your own studio flyers. From the Layouts tab, click on the Flyers button near the top of the screen to switch over to look at flyers instead of candid layouts.

To get started click on the green + Flyer button. Flyers default to standard printer paper size of 8.5 x 11. If you want to use this flyer for giving out links to the Books Store or guest candid albums, change the Flyer Type from Generic to either Store or Guest Candid Uploader. We will give more information about how that works further down the article.

After clicking OK, you will be redirected to the new flyer. You can get started by dragging content from the left sidebar onto the page and start designing your flyer. When you are done, you can click on the Print Flyer at the bottom to generate a PDF of the flyer to hand out.

Special Flyers

You can have a limited number of special flyers. You can either set this flyer type when creating the flyer, or change it later by clicking on the dropdown button and clicking on Set Store Flyer. There can only be one of each type at a time. Everyone will see the option to set a guest candid uploader flyer. You will only see the store flyer as an option if you are using the PLIC Books Store.

Once you set a Store flyer, you will see an option on the Orders tab to print the flyer.

Similarly, if you have a Guest Candid Uploader flyer, you will see an option print the flyer on the Candids tab.

When you are on the Composer for special flyers, you will see 2 additional content types. Both are to give out the dynamic links. The first one is just a text box which will show the url they can load to go to the Store or candid uploader. The second is a QR code which also points to that url. You can recreate this text anywhere on the page by having %link% in the text box.

As a studio you can set a default special flyer which all of your schools will see unless they create their own. If you setup a Store flyer under Studio Layouts for example, your schools will be able to print that flyer without needing to setup their own.

Barcodes and QR Codes

You can add barcodes and QR codes to your flyers. From any text box, go to the list of Fonts and scroll all the way to the bottom to see the supported barcode and QR code formats you can choose from. When you are selecting the text box, the text for the barcode will show up. When you deselect the text box, it will show the barcode which will be printed.

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