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PLIC Books: Creating Content Books

Creating content book for printing in PLIC Books

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PLIC Books supports creating content books for your customers to print which show off the fonts, themes, clip art, and backgrounds supported in PLIC Books. First click on the Content Books tab on the left. Next you will see an empty dropdown. Click on it, and select the type of content book you want to generate.

In the below example, we have selected Fonts. A list of all of the fonts which are currently supported will load for you. By default all of them will be selected. You can choose to generate a content book with all of the fonts, or unselect ones you don't want to highlight. When you are ready, click on Generate Book at the bottom. This process can take a while, so we email you a link to download the pdf when it is ready.

If you select Themes, Clip Art, or Backgrounds, you will see an option to select which project types to generate a content book for. By default all project types are selected. If you want to generate a High School specific content book for example, you would unselect Elementary School and Church Directory to leave only the themes which are suited to High Schools.

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