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Flow Capture with Tether Tools Smart Shooter
Flow Capture with Tether Tools Smart Shooter

How to set up Flow to auto assign images from Tether Tools Smart Shooter software.

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In the latest version of Smart Shooter by Tether Tools, you can configure Smart Shooter to rename images so that they will auto assign to the correct subject in Flow as soon as the image hits the Flow Hot Folder.

First, You will need to make sure that the data you are using in Smart Shooter contains Flow Ticket Codes. You can do this by creating a Flow project, importing your data into Flow, and then doing a data export and bring that exported data into Smart Shooter so you can generate your barcodes or QR codes.

Second, configure Smart Shooter to rename images using the Flow Ticket Code, and have it move/copy the images to the Flow Hot Folder.

Third, in Flow go to Preferences -> Capture there is a preference to enable the "Smart Shooter Workflow". (See Image Below) This setting was added in Flow version 9.0.169 and later

Once enabled, flow will look at each incoming image in the hot folder and if it finds a valid Flow ticket code in the image filename, Flow will automatically assign the image to the right subject.

And That is It! You can now take advantage of Smart Shooter tether and capture features to feed images into Flow. If you have any questions, ask our photolynx support team.

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