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PLIC Books: Designing Your Ad
PLIC Books: Designing Your Ad

How to design the Ad you purchased in PLIC Books

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When you purchase an Ad from the PLIC Books Store, you will receive an invite to create a PLIC Books account. The email will come from If you can't find the email, please check in your spam folder. The email invite should look similar to below below. Please note that different email clients can display emails differently.

When you find the email, click on the big blue Accept Invitation button. This will open the next page in a web browser. Here you will be asked to set your account's password. After entering the new password twice, click the blue button Set My Password.

Now you will be prompted to login with the new email/password you just set. Enter your email address for Username, and your new password, and then click Log me in to get started.

After you login you will see your Ad page that you are going to be designing. On the left you will see a couple of categories of content you can choose from. On the Content tab where you start out, you will see a Shape tool which you can use to create colored shapes and a text tool you can drag onto the page to add a text box.

You are going to want to upload some pictures of your kid to get started. Click on the second tab for Images. Next click on the plus button in the bottom right of the section. Click Upload your photos and select the photos you want to use to design your Ad.

After the photo is done uploading it will be added to the list of images for you to use. Drag the photo from the left onto the page to use it.

Next you are going to want to add some text. Click on the Content tab at the top again, and then drag the New text element onto the page.

As you add content to the page, you can click on images or text to bring up a toolbar with options. From here you can change a borders, drop shadow, font size and family, etc...

When you are done click on the Finalize and Submit button at the bottom. Once you submit your Ad, you can't change anything anymore. The person who is designing the yearbook will then be in charge of adding your Ad into the Book. If you don't submit the Ad on time, it might not make it into the Book!


Your school has the option to set a deadline for you to submit your Ad by. You will see this deadline in the bottom section of the design area to the left of the Finalized and Submit button. You will also be sent an email reminder 7 days before the deadline, and once again on the day of the deadline if you have not submitted your Ad yet. Once you are past the deadline you will no longer be able to submit your Ad to be included in the yearbook!

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