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PLIC Memories: Studio Pays Workflow
PLIC Memories: Studio Pays Workflow

A guide on how to setup and pay for a customer's book instead of requiring them to register and pay themselves

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The standard PLIC Memories workflow is to have your customers go to your landing page and register themselves to create a Book through you. If you want to setup and pay for the Book ahead of time for your customers, you can follow this guide.

To start, go to the Books tab and then click on Create Book. If this is a new customer, you will want to click on the checkbox for Create new customer. From there you will give the customer organization a name, and enter their Name/Email. The customer organization name needs to be unique across all of your customers. We recommend coming up with a naming format and sticking to it for all of your customers. A simple format would to be just name the organization the same as the new customer's email address.

Click the Next button. Now you will need to give this book project a name. Keep it simple but informative, such as John Doe's Funeral Book. Next, pick the Book Format you want them to use. These need to be setup ahead of time. When you are ready, click Next again. The only setting you should need to change here is the Number of pages setting. If you are going to pay for the Book ahead of time, you need to have an idea of how many pages the Book is going to have and enter it here. When you are done, click Next to create the Book. When it is done, you should see the new project listed in the Books tab. This step will have sent out a user invite to the email address you provided so the customer can start working on their new Book right away.

To pay for the Book, click on the red Open button under the Order's column. This should open a screen like below. Next you will want to click on the green Create Payment button.

Clicking on that button will put you in a page like below. You will be defaulted to only a single book copy to start. Change the Number of copies to be however many copies you are planning on printing for the customer. When you change the quantity the price will automatically change as well.

After changing the number of copies to something besides 1, click Checkout. You will be asked where you want to ship the Book to and what your credit card information is. Before placing the order, you will be asked to confirm that the order looks correct. When you are done you can press back to go back to the Management screen.

If your customer ends up wanting to purchase more copies of the Book, you can go back to the order info screen and click on Create Payment again. You will only be able to complete checkout and pay again if you increase the quantity. For example if you originally paid for 10 copies, you will be able to pay for more copies by increasing the quantity to 11 or more.

After paying your customer should be able to create and submit their Book without being prompted to pay for it. Because you are the one paying for the Book, the payment receipt from Stripe will go to your email address and not your customer's.

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