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How do I upload images and data into PLIC Books or Elements?

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You can upload any images with a data file up to PLIC, but we recommend using a standard PSPA export. To get started after creating a project, click on the yellow Subjects button. If you are uploading retakes, you can click the arrow dropdown next to the green Yearbook button, and then select Upload Subjects.

Next, click on the Upload Folder button. A folder selection dialog will popup, and you will need to select the folder which contains your data index file and all of the images associated with it.

If you are uploading either a standard PSPA export or an index file with a header row, all of your columns will automatically be mapped for you. Only the fields which are already on your project template will be mapped. For example if you don't have a Track field in your template, importing the PSPA export will not automatically create a Track field for you. You can click on the header dropdown, scroll down, and select the "+ Create New +" option to create a field on your project template.

Otherwise, you will have to manually select which columns are mapped to which subject fields. In this case, click on each of the Column #'s and select which field it should map to.

If you have multiple rows where the only thing different is the image, they will be grouped together to show that they will be uploaded to a single subject. You will also get a warning at the bottom when you have rows that reference an image which is missing or can't be found. You can click on the warning to see a table of only the problem rows.

Near the top is a section to control which fields we merge subjects on. By default when this is left blank, subjects are only merged together if every field except the image matches. When uploading retakes and re-uploading subject changes, all of the fields will not match anymore. You can select a unique field such as student id to merge in corrections to name, grade, or teacher. Please look over the preview closely before proceeding since this action is not reversible!

Once you are completely ready, go to the bottom of the screen and click on Start Uploading. If at any point you want to start over, you can also click Back to select a different folder. The uploader will go through and upload each image and subject up to PLIC.

When it is done, you will get a notification about the import being complete. From here, you either click Upload More Photos to do another upload to the same project, or Back to go back to the Yearbooks tab.

You can now go to the yearbook from the Go To Book button at the top or click on the Subject Management tab to see the new subjects you just uploaded. Happy yearbooking!

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